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15 October 2010

Mirror Mirror on the Wall-MAC Makes Bad Girls Look Good After All!

 OK, admit it ...we all have a little Cruella in us...I know I have my Maleficent Mornings!! Even the Good Witch must have had a bad day!!  but  Oh My Pretty...Just in time for the Haunting Season MAC Cosmetics has released their Venomous Villains Collection- a limited-edition mini collection celebrating Disney's most notorious Evil Dames.
 This Wicked little group of minis with its packaging highlighting the Ladies of Darkness is available just through the end of October and features colors inspired by the likes of such Bad Girls as Cruella de Vil  from 101 Dalmations, The Evil Queen from Snow White, Maleficent  from Sleeping Beauty and even Doctor Facilier,the Bad Fella from The Princess and the Frog.  Lipsticks, Nail Polishes, Eye Shadows and Blushes with names such as Sinister, Vile Violet, Bite of an Apple, Wicked Ways and Revenge is Sweet! help you to pick your poison! MAC has done Limited Edition minis editions before with brands and icons such as  Hello Kitty but this collection casts us spell and brings a smile even on your most sinister day.  Visit Mac Cosmetics, the site is all Disneyed out and you can vote for your favorite Venomous Villain. Charming!!