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07 November 2010

Elementary Dear Watson-A Great CAPE-r!

The new BBC/Masterpiece series Sherlock  is a Veddy 21st century rendition of the famous sleuth and his sidekick Dr. Watson and there is not a cape, cloak, or pipe in view. Yet, the thought of Sherlock Holmes will always muster up a foggy night, a horse drawn carriage and a good Cape-r!
 Though I do not have the stature to carry off most capes I have always loved the look-could be because one of my fashion design heroines is the great Bonnie Cashin who brought the cape and cloak to icon status along with her signature toggles and Coach bags.

 (Alexander Wang,Missoni,Chloe,Louis Vuitton,YSL,Ruffian)

Capes, Cloaks and Capelets are in every collection this year for day, weekend, evening...the perfect accent for any time of day. Many are reminiscent of the great Bonnie Cashin with classic styling while others are all about the drama!

 Alexander McQueen, Erin Fetherstone



 The definition of a cape can range from a full buttoned or single button  cloak/wrap to a shoulder shrug...some have a deep dolman some of have peek holes or deep slits for hands and some are just a grand rectangle that wraps you up.  Of course I have my eye on the Knitwear styles in Capes---Be sure to Visit Winding Yarn for great Cape/Capelets patterns and Run for the Needles!

 (Assos, Pringle of Scotland, Chanel, Chloe)