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03 July 2010

Stripes and Stripes Forever!

Vintage Vogue 1950s

This July 4th the stripes are the stars!
 Kate Spade

Stripes are everywhere this season...
 Anthropologie,PiperLime, LL Bean

...and I am in love as always wth the clean crisp classic "take me on your yacht"  nautical style...the look is timeless

Coco Chanel

 Stripes for this summer don't have to be blue and white...
Tory Burch    and Balenciaga

and they don't even have to be worn
Alice Supply Co

...but I am and always will be a Blue and White girl and that means Breton Stripes...named for Brittany (France, not Spears!!) because of the traditional French seamen uniform and adopted by Coco Chanel who brought it to fashion icon status...where it remains today.

My favorite source for true classic Breton Stripe style is Saint James

...and you can bet that Breton Stripes are on my needles as well--Come Visit Winding Yarn

Have a Stripey 4th!!!