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18 December 2009

The Play's the Thing-It's Kid Stuff!

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When it comes to the Holidays no gifts are more important than the ones we wrap up for kids. We all remember special holiday presents, some of us even still have them. My most memorable gifts--- an Easy Bake Oven-who knew a light bulb could burn brownies, Makeit Bakeit and Malibu Barbie-she didn't use sunscreen either!

It's not easy shopping for kids- there is always the "must have" toy and so much out there -who can keep up with the "cool" factor.

V and A Shop

We all know kids who have too much in their toy boxes, and who would often rather play with the box than the toy inside...maybe because a box can become anything an imagination can create...this is why I take the less trendy road for the kids on the list.

V and A Shop

I love the search for gifts with no wires, no noise,...just simple ideas that spark imagination, creative play,quiet time and fun! Toys and gifts that kids will come back and pick up time and again. I usually stay away from traditional toy retailers-those can all be scary places time of year! I love to scout out specialty shops and museum stores, shops with buyers that think about the merchandise they put out there for kids...Come PLAY! and see some favorites that are all about creative imaginative play and that just maybe 20 years from now your favorite kid will remember receiving...most under $100!!

Cooper Hewitt

Good Buddies

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Monet started somewhere...

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Crayon Rocks

Doodle Doll Anthropologie
Freestyle Etch-a Sketch MOMA

Walker Art

Play with Cheerios MOMA


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V and A Shop

Walker Art

Bug Magnifier New York Botanical Gardens Shop

FairyTale Gardens

Potting Shed Creations