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14 December 2009

Window Shopping-Holiday Windows 2009

Bergdorf Goodman

Presents are not the only boxes we open this time of year. I think everyone has boxes filled with memories that sit on the shelves in our heads waiting for us to reach for them during this season.

Lord and Taylor

Sometimes a house all lit and twinkling will open the boxes, or the smell of cookies cooling on a rack or the sound of a favorite carol. For me, no surprise, it is the decoration, style and design of the holidays-- frosty white ornaments, white branches and teeny white lights on everything! Some of my favorite memories that arrive special delivery this time of year are the sights and sounds of holiday store windows.

Bergdorf Goodman

Perhaps because I was fortunate to grow up in a time without the consistent barrage of noise and texting and video games and get it now technology, that I treasure the memory of the joy and wonder of seeing a simple window come to life in a magical way...probably no big deal to kids of the new millennium but I hope they still can still be enchanted.


Holiday windows of course are not just for kids, especially in New York where the "competition" between stores can get serious! with each store taking on a theme or story for its Holiday Display-Here are some worth peering into... Happy Window Shopping!

For Holiday 2009 Barneys Celebrates 35 years of Saturday Night Live with its "Have a Witty Christmas" Windows

At Bergdorfs, always my favorite! the mood is all about an Elegant Fantasy

The windows at Bloomingdale's present Dynamic Duos-The Claus Couple, the Obamas, Batman and Robin...

Lord and Taylor's windows show off Sparkle with some Frosting from Swarovski

Of course everyone waits for the Windows at Macys -the Grandaddy of holiday windows wants you to Believe! as it displays the magic behind the scenes at the North Pole