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29 December 2009

A Date for New Year's

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I am not a fan of New Year's! Do I need to celebrate that another year of my life has gone by, tossing the 2009 calendars in the trash doesn't help! 365 days of my life into the recycle bin...does that mean I get those days back in another form if I recycle the old calendars?? Just thinking!?
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We do measure our lives by the calendar and sometimes those days fly off much too quickly and we lose the moment.


There is a flip side, however, I love a new calendar-clean pages that have yet to be filled with the mundane and ordinary and that hold so much hope and promise for a fresh start--New Year's does give us the chance to start again, get it right this time!

No matter the space you have to keep the date, no matter your passion or style there is a calendar for you and there is no excuse not to be on time. I tend to choose calendars, and I have many, that fill my days with the things I love, am passionate about, and want to look at every day---no boring squares for me

Fred Flare

...I want to be taken to places I adore,

I want to smile

I want to be inspired

I want a quiet moment in the garden in the middle of February
Nantucket Hospital

...and of course

I want style!

Fill those days and months, along with your walls or desk, with some fun, some art, a special locale,lots of laughter... you'll see a dragging day or endless conference call can be lifted by a glance at a great image!

How about a date planner for... you know dates!!

I love shopping for calendars, and I worry in an age of PDAs and Blackberrys that the wall and desk and pocket accessories that help us remember where we are, where we are going and where we should be are going to become dinosaurs--hope not since there are so many fun ways to keep track of 2:00 on Thursday or 10:30 on Monday...


Here are some favorites to guide you through 2010...and I wish you a New Year, and a NEW decade, filled with peace and joy!


All calendars unless otherwise noted available from Calendars.com