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23 August 2008

Sticks and Stones...Style!

I am a big fan of Viva Terra,the catalogue and shopping website devoted to "Eco Living Style".

(entwined root coat stand)

We probably still have images in our heads of what recyled looks like...muddy, dirty,breige, rough scratchy... but Viva Terra turns that old view into stone

(felted wool rock pillows)

Wonderful finds that are not just inspired from nature but come from nature fill the pages along with products from recycled materials such as Flip Flops! and rulers!

(flip flop bin)

(a chair that rules)

and luxury pieces from yummy pure fibers like Lamb's Wool...

...but when we think Eco we do and should think Nature. Nature's inspiration is nothing new in design but Viva Terra has featured some really fun twists using the the "real thing"...sticks and stones have style!

In the Sticks...these are some favorites using actual twigs, branches,trees...to bring the woods inside...

(branch console) (light in the forest lamp)

(branch side table)

(branch mirror) (twig flower holder)

(twig flatware) (root of the earth baskets)

(twig letters)

Rock your Room!...Pebbles Flinstone eat your heart out!

(river stone placemats and runner with seaglass dinnerware)

(agate plates)

(stone hooks) (river stones mats)

(stone cairn lamp)

(cairn candle holders) (granite owls)