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10 August 2008

The Bag Lady Reports-a FLEEting Sale and Jane's Bags are a Marvel

(Jane Marvel)

THE perfect answer to a sun-less summer...Hello!! a NEW Bag! especially a new bag that works in all weather and that is what is on the Bag Lady report this week...
This week finds one of my favorite bag lines ON SALE!

Great bags for any day but I love them on a rainy day, which is everyday around here this month, Flee Bags -"for Busy Women on the FLEE" are made of wonderfully wearable oilcloth so they are perfect for everyday, Mom's, bad weather,work, travel, picnics, daytrips....This month some of Flee's fun fabrics are on sale in their classic styles --be sure to check out the great interior fabrics! The Mini Flee is the perfect Lunch and Shopping, or Night at the Movies size 8x10x3.5" with an interior pocket and a side pocket to toss the cell into it closes with a magnetic snap. Selected patterns are on sale for $40
The Day Flee is the perfect Grab and Go size as well as your business bag with an exterior pocket for water or yes an umbrella 12.5x11.75x5.25 with magnetic snap and shoulder length strap-throw it all in! Select fabrics on sale for $53.00The Signature Flee is my Off for the Day Bag-similar styling to the Day Flee but in a larger size, holds 2-3 pounds of my Stuff 13.5x15.5x5.75". Select patterns on sale for $61.00.
My favorite new find is Jane Marvel who defines her bags as "Like Flying First Class at Economy Ticket Prices". Jane's bags are made of light weight coated fabric so they are ready for this or any weather you encounter.

These are bags that "work" with style and sizes that go everywhere. Jane's fabrics are clean,classic in great go with everything colors.. I love her styles for Getting Away-
The Jitney,
The Puddle Jumper and the Duffel Weekender are coming away with me! Priced perfectly because Jane believes that "... it is every woman’s right to have great style and not go broke getting it."
Each bag also comes with a free travel gift and BE SURE to click on the Pink Ribbon to fund a Free mammogram!