I like my money right where I can see it: hanging in my closet. -- Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City

28 June 2008


Oh! Do not attack me with your watch. A watch is always too fast or too slow. I cannot be dictated to by a watch.
Jane Austen, Mansfield Park

I would be very happy living my life never wearing a watch, or shoes for that matter-particularly in summer. So why do I own so many watches(not to mention so many pairs of shoes!!)?? Summer of all seasons really should be the time of year when we can walk around not caring what time it is. The days are long and schedules are relaxed or tossed all together. I may not care what time it is but I do love the "look" of a great watch. Watches are an essential accessory and gone are the days of owning just one, or one for day and one for dress. Summer watches are fun, as they should be, light, bright or white! Acrylic, resin, ceramic, leather strapped, grosgrain,bracelet... here are some favorites...

White Hot...THE watch of the season comes from Chanel...


The The J12 White ceramic diamond dial chronograph watch has the look but $10,000 for a summer watch...

I like the ToyWatch Ceramic with diamonds as a "less expensive" option $1500 (ToyWatch)

A White strap against summer skin is a sign that you are summer ready...

David Yurman Thoroughbred(Nordstom)

Brighton (Brighton)
TOKYO Bay Oversized (Garnet Hill)
Honora Mother of Pearl

Ceramic, Rubber, Resin,Acrylic and Plastic are all a twist on the Chanel. Surrounded with diamonds or crystals...your choice all mimick with good style...
Michael Kors Chronograph Resin (Bloomingdales)

Michele Tahitian Chronograph Diamond and Ceramic Bracelet (Michele)
IKE Gommato (Nordstroms)

ToyWatch Oversized Acrylic (Toywatch)

(Elyse Ryan)
My summer watch this year comes from Elyse Ryan. Her lemonade watch is a part of her collection to support Alex's Lemonade Stand

COLOR It!!...

Toy Watch Neon Plasteramic (Toywatch)


Kiss and Tell Skagen (Sundance)

TOKYO Bay Boyfriend Watch (Garnet Hill)

Zodiac Round Face Rubber Band (Nordstroms)

FUN! !!!!!

Hello Kitty Ceramic and Diamond (Neiman Marcus)

Kenneth Jay Lane Animal Covered Face Bangle Watch(Nordstroms)

Hello Kitty Patent Strap(Neiman Marcus)

Hang this Gossip watch off your tote(QVC)

Tracey Porter style...Tracey Porter

Nautical Charm(QVC)

"Tortoise" of course(Pedre)

I love Ribbon watches...all year round but with shorts or a sundress they are perfect-this has an actual Burberry Ribbon (Girly Twirly)

(Three Chickadees )