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24 August 2008

The Polyvore Playground

When I was growing up my favorite after school activity was art class. In camp it was always arts and crafts... that got me through archery! One of the projects I loved working on were collages, pulling bits and scraps and cutting pictures out of magazines. Later I went on to decoupage and took the images and covered anything that didn't move with everything from the cover of Vogue to greeting cards to strips from the funny pages. So you can imagine how excited I am about this site...Polyvore is the playground I have been waiting for but could never have imagined. If you love design, shopping, style, trends, art,color... GO! but don't say I didn't warn you... this could get addictive.

Here's the idea...type in a search word or phrase and up pops an image library pulled from sources all over the web -from shopping site to blogs. You can narrow your search by site or color scheme, pull the image and then decide where it goes on your set, and play with each image you add. For example, I typed in..you got it... Strands of Pearls and this is what I did

Next I started playing with some vintage Vogue covers, a work in progress but so much fun...

...there are some amazing sets posted to inspire your work-

You can design an outfit, like playing with paper dolls only better, a room or a piece of art. Of course this is also a very cool way to shop.

Let's say you want a new sweater...type in sweater, narrow the sites you like to shop on, pick your sweater. Now you need jeans...then boots...maybe a scarf..hello earings...bracelet..belt..outfit! and you can click on any of the images to get to the sites to buy what you put together.

I thought why not a few things for the season ahead???
So... I went shopping...first the shoes,how much fun is this!..Manolos anyone? Next a coat...Burberry works for me. Need a bag or 6...Gucci, Valentino, Tory Burch,Hermes??? Stopped in at Netaporter.com,Neimans,Gucci.com,Burberry.com...all in my bunny slippers and look what I got without once taking out the plastic!!

For room design, I love that I can move furniture around...add in fabric wallpaper, lamps, tables,accessories, a rug...and here's a room. I clicked around with two of my favorite room elements-chairs and wallpaper...I could have played all day!!

Go have fun...you may be up all night!!