I like my money right where I can see it: hanging in my closet. -- Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City

02 September 2009

Oh So Pretty! Sara Campbell Style

Most days pulling yourself together to get out the door means less about how you want to look and more about how fast you can get ready to go. There are days,however, that you just need to feel pretty...for those days I go straight for the pieces in my closet that say Sara Campbell.

Sara's clothes are all about feeling special, clothes that go anywhere, totally wearable,timeless...and just simply pretty. Whether for dress up or work days or heading out for fun, Sara's clothes fit in everywhere. The pieces in the collection are tailored not just for great style but also to be worn in a real life--not only do you feel pretty you are comfortable being pretty....

Always flirty, feminine,colorful, and classic.

I love visiting Sara's stores,located in the South End of Boston and recently opened Wellesley. Sara's clothes can also be found at specialty stores nationally. When I shop there it is like playing in a wonderful closet filled with pieces that I want to wear. Maybe it was the black and white stripes with hot pink accents that made me feel at home in the new Wellesley store (just the colors of my dressing closet) but I walked in and felt instantly at home. I scooped up armloads and hit the dressing room . I have always loved to play Dress Up but at Sara Campbell I can make those play days real.

The line is meticulously tailored so the clothes fit beautifully. I am five foot 1 on a good day, yet the recent afternoon I was there there were women of all heights, sizes and ages each trying on pieces and we all looked good in Sara Campbell.

Sara in her workroom

You notice right off that there are a lot of dresses in the collections, skirts, coordinating jackets and coats...hearkening to Betty Draper's days but with an updated style for women who do more than pose in their lives. Yes, you can be a Lady and rule the world.

Sara Campbell's clothes are all designed with beautiful fabrics and there is always a perfect element as they are adorned with special details-ribbons, buttons, applique, ruffles, pleating... that catch attention!

I think no matter what your life is all about, no matter how nuts your days can get, feeling pretty in an effortless way is what we all deserve---simply pretty, simply Sara Campbell.

"At Sara Campbell, we believe in always feeling pretty. We want you to flaunt your femininity. We love to celebrate all of life's pleasures - no matter how big or small..." Sara Campbell