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21 December 2008

Cream Colored Ponies, It's ALL About Kids-A Few of My Favorite Things

In my opinion Every Day is about Kids, but the Holidays are built for Kids, ALL Kids which we all become every year at this time. I believe that gifts for kids should be ideas that are not only fun but also help them learn, grow, think, care and Smile!

I brought a friend along for the ride on this one-Elmo is such a Good Buddy and Elmo Live is on My List too! So come join Elmo and take a look at A Few of My Favorite Things for ALL Kids!


Creative Kids!

Potter's Wheel, Car Designer Set,Create a Quilt and My Art Gallery all from HearthSong


Connectagons and Frog Play Tent from HearthSong


Sea-Scope from HearthSong


Beginner's Golf,Hopscotch mat from HearthSong.
Felt Playhouse from Wisteria. Snake Bike Lock from Garnet Hill


Princess felt Slippers, Barrettes, Critter Backpack,Felt Purse from Garnet Hill

Slippers and Socks from Mackenzie-Childs

The BEST Gift you can give any child is the gift of reading...Here are some new and old favorites and please share the joy of reading by making a donation to First Book

Fisher-Price Elmo Live