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23 April 2011

You'll Need a Hat-A Royal Wedding Must!

With the Royal Wedding less than a week away there is a lot of prepping to do!--Someone tell me why would you plan an April wedding in London??? wait a few weeks til the flowers bloom!!

I am getting ready for the festivities by re-watching some of my favorite Royal flicks  The King's Speech , Bertie and Elizabeth, Victoria and Albert, Royal Wedding, Young Victoria,The Queen, Mrs.Brown... most importantly though  I need to find a hat to go with my Bunny Slippers!

When I was little I adored trying on my Mom's hats --they were stacked in lovely boxes at the top of her closet and I would climb up on a chair to reach them. I still collect pretty hat boxes,but I of course  use them to store  yarn!
Little girls today don't really have that dress up experience since hats have not been a part of an American woman's daily, or even occasion, wardrobe for decades.  In Britain, however, you simply don't leave the house for any event without one.

Nigel Rayment
 Years back when I was in London I had the chance to attend Royal Ascot , the best place to see and be seen when it comes to hat couture. I quickly ran to Harvey Nichs to buy an appropriate hat---of course I had My Fair Lady on the brain!

A Royal Wedding, however, is probably THE ultimate hat event, and for that I start with a visit to  Harrod's
 OK, Harrods.com-where I discovered Hats and "Fascinators"-small close to the head pieces that are clipped or banded -with feathers and quills and tulle and netting-oh my!.

Kate the bride has been seen in both but for me I like a classic full hat with just a swoosh of adornment...

When it comes to hat couture for any Royal event the go to guy is Philip Treacy  .  The Irish milliner is known for his bespoke hats for A list Royals and celebrities as well as his runway styles for houses such as Chanel and Givenchy. A Treacy hat has been worn by not only the Queen, Camilla and Kate, but also Iman, Naomi Campbell, Sarah Jessica Parker and Lady Gaga.  His hats are often traffic stopping costume but always works of art.

Of course THE hair accent that every Princess deserves is a crown!

Your majesty,  how will a crown look with my bunny slippers?