I like my money right where I can see it: hanging in my closet. -- Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City

24 November 2010

Why Not PINK Friday??

Someone please explain to me WHY!!?? anyone would put themselves through staying up all night circling parking lots, standing in line in the bitter cold, getting stomped on and smooshed by crowds just to be a part of Black Friday??  No wonder they call it Black Friday--it is miserable out there.  Attention Shoppers!!!  Trust me...There will be LOTS of Bargains AFTER Black Friday!  If you do really insist on venturing out there then at least skip the Black in Black Friday and go do it in PINK!
Not to be a Pink Grinch but the Holidays can get zooey enough so do it differently this year--Breathe and take it in yummy bites---Step 1 to Black Friday recovery...put your Bunny Slippers on, curl up, and make it Pink Friday!!  YES!  You need PINK this time of year...Shop Pink, Give Pink, Wrap Pink!!

I believe that PINK can get you through anything...even the Holidays!!  So let's Paint it Pink...

Here are some ideas to get you to Think Pink this season!!  Have a Very Happy Pink Friday!!


Women for Women at Kate Spade

Mark Davis

Miss Dior Cherie-Sephora


Mally Beauty-Bendels

Murfee Scarf-Lily Pulitzer

Garnet Hill

Kate Spade

Fracas-Neiman Marcus

Paper Source

Jack Rogers

White Flower Farm