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02 August 2009

Clutch Player

Everything Baseball

The Major League Baseball Trading deadline has come and gone but the need for a Clutch Player (or if you are from Boston- Play-ah) goes on...The Red Sox clearly need one-NOW! Maybe these can help???? Doubtful, but I think they're great no matter if you are running the bases or just playing the field...

1. The Utility Player-The Cell, The Blackberry, The Lip Gloss, The Credit Card...all fit!

All in One, Vera Bradley

Ambroise, Tory Burch

2. The Base Runner-For when you are Running into the market, the dry cleaner, the bank...

Wristlet, Vera Bradley

SWAK, Vera Bradley

Clutch wallet, Vera Bradley
Balenciaga, Barneys

3. The Designated Hitter-When you need a HIT of color or that one piece that clears the bases.

Woven Wicker, Vivre

Hard to Get, Lily Pulitzer

Purple Python, Vivre

Kate Spade

Palm Beach Club, Barneys

4. The Slugger-This is the Player you can always count on to get the job done!

Classic Gold Python, Vivre

Hand Painted Clutch, Vivre

Tiki, Vera Bradley

Tassel Clutch, Vivre

Ipanema, Vivre

5. The Starter-This is the Player that you take along for a Day Game-A day Out, Lunch Date, an Afternoon Tea...

Shell Shocked, Lily Pulitzer

Shagreen Clutch, Vivre

Python Clutch, Vivre

Hadley, Tory Burch

6. The Closer-The Player who Finishes the Night!

Celestina, Barneys

Celestina, Barneys

Marano, Vivre

Come Visit Winding Yarn for In the Clutch and On the Needles

Shell Seekers, Champagne Maker The Stitch Poet