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20 December 2008

Blooming Perfect Presents-A few of My Favorite Things


They play in dirt throughout the year to make the world more beautiful, give them something special!...and Do not forget the Birds in the gardens!

If you play in the mud..do it with color. Hunter Wellies from Smith and Hawken

These are a big smile...animal watering cans from Smith and Hawken...I would plant mine!

Forcing Bulbs is THE cure for Winter! Smith and Hawken has great bulb gifts,bulbs and kits.

I love these...gorgeous gifts come in a variety of "garden" options-Butterfly, Wildflower, cutting, hummingbird... and include 5' of seed tape-"Happiness held is the seed, Happiness shared is the Flowers" from Charleston Gardens

Watch the rain rise, it helps to know how much water fell and I love it as an ornament in the garden. This one from Charleston Gardens

For the Birds...and their Watchers. You don't have to be watching for spots and tails and chirps to wear this out and about from Charleston Gardens

Feed those Birds! These Yummy ideas from Duncraft

Also, from Duncraft the ultimate bird bath-it's heated so Open the Spa!