I like my money right where I can see it: hanging in my closet. -- Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City

24 September 2008

Playing in a Jewel Box-Bendel's and The House of Lavande

Wall St. is imploding on a roller coaster ride like we have never seen; portfolios, pensions and financial security are teetering without anyone giving answers that make sense; the election is just weeks away and there is no clear view to the finish line; hurricanes have tossed homes and lives adrift;the cost of even getting out of bed is insane and polar bears are losing their ice pads...what are we supposed to do??? Change the station!..at least for a few minutes, not a lot we can do anyway and if we keep watching CNN we really will never get out of bed!

In the midst of all the gloom I found a sunny sign...OK so it was in WWD not the WSJ but we all need our diversions. Two of my favorite passions are together---Henri Bendel is launching a new department to spotlight the House of Lavande .This amazing collection of vintage jewelry from Tracy Smith's Palm Beach jewel box. Haskell, Schiaperelli,Kenneth Jay Lane, Chanel,Hattie Carnegie...I have been collecting these names since I walked into my first flea market...but no one does it better or has the breathtaking collection than Tracy Smith has... and it is now showcased at the store that has seen it all,remembers what style was and still is..Henri Bendel.

I have loved Henri Bendel's from the moment I first stepped inside the

Fifth Avenue flagship store-I wanted to live there!...I still do! The store was everything I hoped and more. I am not a NY girl but I am a Bendel's Girl and head straight for Bendel's when I visit. We did briefly have a mini Bendel's in Boston which spoiled me and helped fill the void that Bonwit's left but sadly it did not stay long...I do have all my chocolate striped and polka dotted bags and ribbons and never travel without my Bendel cases.

Originally three residential townhouse,Bendel"s was the first retailer to move into a residential neighborhood,albeit an elegant one.
The original Lalique art glass windows face Fifth Avenue,the same windows that helped to make the Bendel's store an historic landmark.

So yes, the world may be upside down,inside out,and spinning like a crazy top, but its nice to know that we can open an elegant door and walk into a Jewel box and now... play in one!