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06 May 2008

Mother's Day In the Bag

Do you remember the cards and gifts you made at school for your Mom each May? Make a bet she still has all of them!! Can the same be said for the gifts you have given to her in recent years? Mother's Day is a BIG Shopping Bag challenge, after all this is the woman you owe EVERYTHING to..no pressure!

You can send flowers and do brunch and she will be happy no question...unless of course the flowers arrive wilted and the eggs benedict are cold. Chances are your Mom does not shop for herself for special things very often-now, that's where you come in! Here are some favorite spots to help you make it happen...

1. Pierre Deux Sure they do fabric and wallpaper that everyone has tried to copy, but Pierre Deux also has wonderful accessories-picture frames,lavender sachets, and the reason I love to wander through Pierre Deux-their wonderful bags!! My Mom and I have both carried the Petit Voyage style for as long as I can remember, Pierre Deux on Newbury St in Boston would make them to order and I loved picking out the fabrics and trim for my bags. I rarely head out for a weekend without their Weekender. Now I am a fan of the newer Metro Tote available in a couple of sizes. Can't miss with the great toiles and this striped tote is coming home with me! If you are fortunate enough to have a Pierre Deux in your area-go! The website does not have hardly any of the fabrics for the bags so go play if you can.

2. The Sundance Catalogue Ok I will always love Robert Redford-can you say no to Hubble Gardner?? We know his dedication to the enviornment and his Sundance Institute but have you shopped with him? Of course I like the two strand pearl love token necklace!

3. The Source Perrier is one of my favorite places to visit and play but not necessarily for gift ideas unless I need a hostess gift. I did find this lovely tray for a desk or bedside that fits Mum perfectly.

4.Garnet Hill is always clean, fresh and soft. All natural fibers were the mainstay of Garnet Hill from the start. You can do the traditional and sweet with a lace trimmed robe. If Mum gardens Garnet Hill has snuggy Foxgloves . I love the Teardrop Necklaces from Chan Luu, like gumdrops on a cord. Or an Eileen Fisher throw...or my favorite Hadley Pollett belt!!

5. We have a local shop that is doing terrific bags that go everywhere and do everything. Made from oilcloth Flee Bags are the PERFECT bags that endure any Mom's day. Practical styles coupled with fun fabrics that trust me can weather it all-how about a winter in Boston! I love the Signature Flee but be sure to check out the Day Flee and the Stowaway Flee which also makes a great Diaper Bag complete with changing pad. Remember Oil Cloth just wipes clean which is why the Hanging Cosmetic bag is a must.

6. You should pamper Mom, and yourself, everyday but especially this time of year-have you looked at your toes?- are they ready for summer? Make an appointment at your favorite salon or spa for a Mother Daughter afternoon, or give Mom a manicure a week for a year. Did you know that Jo Malone started as a skin care line?? She is known here for her wonderful fragrances, and there are some great gift sets that are perfectly put together,but in London her skin care is famous so give that a try too . Speaking of skin care , Liz Earle is a wonder, the best cleanser for all skin. Her naturally active ingredients from botanicals are simple, clean , and they work.

7. There are Moms all over the world for whom Mother's Day cannot be about cards and flowers. Their day is about survival and the survival of their children. Give Mom a caring gift...make a donation to these organizations working to change women's lives.

OK... tie it all with a perfect bow, go get your crayons and make your Mom a card!